This Week Sermon : Salvation (10/28/2020) Wednesday night 

Last Week Sermon Title:Spiritual Warfare Part 5: Footwear (10/21/2020) Wednesday 

Spiritual Warfare Part 4: Breastplate of Righteousness (10/14/2020) Wednesday 

Sermon Title : Spiritual Warfare Part 3 

 SermonTitle: Spiritual Warfare Part 2 (9/31/2020) Wednesday 

Last Week Sermon Title : Spiritual Warfare 101 (9/23/2020-9/28/2020)

Last Week Sermon Title: Inheritance (9/16/2020-9/23/2020) 

sermon title: Hands and feet of Jesus

SermonTitle: The Encounter 

Last week sermon title: Storms in Life (8/26/2020-9/03/2020)

Last week sermon title: cost of discipleship (8/19/2020-8/23/2020) 

Last week sermon Title: What Does the Cross mean to you? 

Sermon Title: Standing On The Promises of God (8/05/2020-8/12/2020) 

(7/29/2020-8/4/2020) Sermon Title is: What does the Cross Mean To You. 

Sermon Title : Good, Bad, and the Ugly 

Last Week Sermon Title: Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Temperance (7/15/2020-7/22/2020) 

Last Week Sermon Title: Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Meekness (7/8/2020-7/15/2020) 

Sermon Title: Stand of the Word of God (7/1/2020-7/8/2020)

Last Week Sermon: Fruit of the Holy Spirit-Faith (6/25/2020-7/1/2020) 

Sermon: Fruit of the Holy Spirit-Goodness (6/17/2020-6/25/2020)

Title : Titus 3:4-8 Salvation 

Title: Salvation Uncut (6/02/2020)

Sermon Title: Gentleness

Sermon Title : Long suffering 

sermon title: Salvation (John 3:16-18) 

sermon title: Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Peace

Part 3 (5/5/2020)

Sermon Title:  Fruit of the Holy Spirit, joy

Part 2(4/27/2020) 

Sermon Title: Fruit of the Holy Spirt

Part 1, love 

Title : Life is a Gift 

Sermon Title: Death, burial, and resurrection 


Title: Is Jesus the treasure of your Heart 


Title: Prayer Model Part 4 sermon 

Title: Midst of the Storm 

Title:Prayer Model Part 3

Model Prayer 2nd Part 

Model Prayer 1st part 


Title: Charity 

Title : 1 Corinthians 15:1-27: Salvation 

Title Abortion 

Title: Spiritual Warefare: Prayer (1/27/2020)


Sermon Title: Day of the Lord 


Sermon Title :Rock or Sand 

Sermon Title : Jesus is our Salvation

Title:Gospel of Salvation 

Title: Prayer: Spiritual Warefare 


Tittle:Sword of the Spirit 

Title: helmet of salvation 

Title : shield of faith 


SermonTitle: Shod your Feet..Peace

Sermon Title: Breastplate of Righteousness 

Sermon Title: Truth 

Title; Invisible war 

Title:Jesus Only Knows

 Heal our Nation 



Sermon: wake Up America Church 


If you died today , tonight , where would you go?

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Sermon Title: The importance of prayer 


Sermon Title: Salvation 

Sermon Title : Upside Down 

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Sermon Title : overcomer 

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Life is a vapor 



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Storms in Life 

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As the Days of Noah 

Sermon Title: Prodigal Son  geralt / Pixabay

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Sermon Title: Our Enemy, Satan 

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Sermon title: Spiritual Warefare 

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Sermon title: What is Hope? Difference between Worldly Hope and Biblical Hope.